About The SAGA

VIBRANT pop duo The SAGA are a Melbourne based pop duo who aim to share a message of love, hope and light through their music. Pronounced “sarh-gah”, the inspirational pop duo recently released its 4th radio single If I Told Ya, which reminds people that when things don’t go as planned and everything seems to be crashing down, there is always ‘someone’ who loves you!
If I Told Ya follows the duo’s previous 3 singles Set Fire, Fearless & Lonely One, which all received significant radio airplay across Australia and the UK, and chart success with Fearless staying in the TCM Charts for 18 weeks peaking at #8.
Alyssa & Georga have been performing extensively throughout Australia and internationally for over 15 years, both individually and as a pair. They appeared at the Australian Catholic Youth Festival in Perth in December 2019. Earlier that year, the pair performed at a World Youth Day concert in Panama City in front of 40,000+ people.
Other highlights between the duo include shows at Rod Laver Arena and Marvel Stadium in Melbourne, as well as Qudos Bank Arena and The Domain in Sydney. Collectively, the girls have performed over 400 shows in the last year and this new musical collaboration is the beginning of something that is to take the Christian and Mainstream music scene by storm.
Luke Batterbury, who has worked with and produced artists including Pete Murray, Daryl Braithwaite, Tania Doko (Bachelor Girl) and Jason Singh (Taxiride) to name a few, teamed up with the girls in 2018. Taking inspiration from current trends in both Christian and Mainstream Top 40 music, Luke has most definitely given the duo’s music a modern edge, which will appeal to all who listen. With his pop sensibility, incredible writing and production skills and years of experience, the girls are in good hands.
You can find their music on all social platforms.

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