Jazz Collaborations

One of Melbourne’s finest Jazz Singers, Georga Byrne regularly performs at some of Australia’s world-renowned jazz clubs such as The Paris Cat, The Brisbane Jazz Club, Bennetts Lane, Dizzies, Jimmy Hornet & more.
Georga has been featured as part of the Melbourne International Jazz festival, has recently performed as a guest singer with the Daryl Mckenzie Jazz Orchestra and on TV with her jazz quartet on ‘The Block’ Channel 9.
Georgia’s jazz lineups range from a 2 -12 piece band and feature some of Australia’s finest players. Her soothing jazz voice mixed with her ability to vocal scat and read the crowd, leave her as a highly sought after jazz singer who can create the perfect atmosphere for your venue or event. Whether it be a high end corporate cocktail event, featured jazz show, or a jazz band to keep your dance floor up all night, Georga will not disappoint.

Georga and Mickey

Georga and Thomas

Georga and Alexander

Georga and Alexander singing jazz

Jazz Trio

Jazz Trio Soul Chic

Soul chic jazz trio

Jazz Quartet

Jazz Quintett

Jazz Quintett

Jazz Band Soul Chic