Guitar Collaborations

Georga Byrne’s guitar and vocal lineups showcase some of Melbourne’s most talented musicians, who are regular performers at prominent events such as the Australian Grand Prix, The Australian Open, The Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival, The AFL Football Festival, as well as 5-star venues, restaurants, and bars.

These acoustic lineups range from a two-piece duo to a four-piece ensemble, all of which offer versatility and include both male and female vocals. These skilled guitarists not only provide vocals but also employ kick pedals and drum loops, adding to the performance’s dynamic range.

With extensive experience catering to diverse audiences at both large-scale and intimate corporate events, performing on various stages in public settings, and creating an inviting atmosphere at weddings of all sizes, they have honed their skills in captivating crowds.

Georga possesses the ability to serenade you with her soothing vocals or ignite the dancefloor with vibrant acoustic vibes all night long.


Georga and Mikey

Georga and Mickey

Georga and Kyran

Georga and Trent

Acoustic Trio

Acoustic four piece

Acoustic 4 piece