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nlu and nlp

Students can also make use of these tools to practice writing in different styles or improve the readability of their essays. Clearly, consumers want more digital interaction with companies–and the brands that respond can position themselves as service leaders in the next era. Meeting those shopper demands requires us to reinvent the way chatbots work, with augmented intelligence as the way forward. Deploying only rules-based bots can actually diminish the service you deliver to shoppers.

nlu and nlp

For example, an AI system might be trained on customer reviews of a product or service and then generate customized descriptions tailored specifically for those customers. This helps businesses provide better customer service experiences and increase sales. If you’ve ever wondered how text is created through artificial intelligence, then this blog post is for you! We’ll explore the different ways AI can generate text, from natural language processing to robotic writing systems. Plus, we’ll look at the potential applications of AI-generated text and what it means for the future of content creation. It’s a solution that combines the machine learning and NLP used by conversational bots with the human input of rules-based bots.

What is Natural Language Processing?

Just one example of an ad-hoc analysis of the strength of a trend could be visualised in the strength of the words employed. If all the headlines are saying “drift down”, “struggle”, and “float lower”, you know the situation is not as bad as if they’re all saying “plunge”, “implode”, and “decimated”. By utilising CityFALCON NLU,  this kind of on-the-fly analysis becomes as simple as looking at nlu and nlp all the instances of a price_movement tag in a set of texts. Employee conversations are tagged as they transpire, providing searchable insights like how frequently a team mentions a sector or a key person during a workweek. This enables decision-makers to uncover otherwise obscured but useful information. If everyone is chatting about X, then X might just be the next big move in the markets.

nlu and nlp

This can be particularly useful in industries such as law and finance, where large amounts of data must be analyzed and understood quickly and accurately. Natural language understanding is the sixth level of natural language processing. Natural language understanding involves the use of algorithms to interpret and understand natural language text. Natural language understanding can be used for applications such as question-answering and text summarisation.


These tools use artificial intelligence to analyze text and offer feedback on grammar, spelling, style, and flow. They can also provide explanations as to why a particular phrase or sentence may not be the best choice. In a real world e-commerce application, a color filter would be restricted to a small finite set or colors. Being statistical, the NER model may identify colours that are not in the search filter. We train a model with plenty of examples and let it decide what is a product vs an attribute. However, unlike rule based solutions, the code complexity remains constant, no matter how many scenarios we need to handle.

Dialogue systems involve the use of algorithms to create conversations between machines and humans. Dialogue systems can be used for applications such as customer service, natural language understanding, and natural language generation. In addition to generating text, AI can also be used for natural language understanding (NLU). NLU uses NLP techniques to interpret user intent from natural language input such as spoken or written words. This allows businesses to develop more sophisticated applications using AI such as chatbots or virtual assistants, which are able to respond accurately and quickly based on the user’s input.

Rather than using human resource to provide a tailored experience, NLU software can capture, process and react to the large quantities of unstructured data that customers provide at scale. In our research, we’ve found that more than 60% of consumers think that businesses need to care more about them, and would buy more if they felt nlu and nlp the company cared. Part of this care is not only being able to adequately meet expectations for customer experience, but to provide a personalised experience. Accenture reports that 91% of consumers say they are more likely to shop with companies that provide offers and recommendations that are relevant to them specifically.